The Harlow & District Model Flying Club is based on the Essex/Hertfordshire Borders. We offer free training, advice and support, fixed wing training using the buddy system for people new to the activity. We have a club trainer that allows potential members the opportunity to try the sport. We welcome Fixed wing both IC and electric as well as powered gliders and Helicopters. The club objective is to get all members to reach the BMFA “A” certificate level, after which they can fly unsupervised. Training is by Club Instructors recognised by the BMFA, and we have BMFA approved Examiners available so that tests can be carried out at our own field, where the candidate feels at home and has gained their knowledge and skills.

More information for those new to R.C. model flying can be found on our Starting Out page.

Our monthly club meetings are usually held on the first Friday of every month at the Moot House, The Stow in Harlow, with the exception of summer meetings that are usually held at our flying site. Club meetings at the Moot House commence at around 20:00 which allows time to socialise in the bar before the formal meeting, where the Committee is available to discuss any issues. All members present have the opportunity to raise issues or concerns or just general information at the meeting, and occasionally a guest speaker will give a presentation. After the meeting members have the opportunity to go back to the bar or join the “Curry Club” for a meal at the local Indian restaurant All of the Club Instructors teach in their own time and at no expense to the learner, for this reason it is not possible to guarantee trainees a personal dedicated Instructor. New members requiring training are invited to attend any (or all) of the flying sessions with their model and request help from any of the other members at the site. In this way you will gain experience and the opportunity to proceed to the BMFA “A” standard. This system cannot, of course, guarantee flying at every session but has worked for many years.

2016 Committee

  • Chairman — Garry Peacock
  • Vice Chairman — Eugene Anker
  • Secretary — Cliff Dellow
  • Membership Secretary — Gavin Chester
  • Treasurer — Lyn Walters
  • Safety Officers (non voting) — Eugene Anker
  • Field Liaison Officer — Eugene Anker
  • Events Secretary — Graeme Liddon
  • Webmaster – Mark Moulds

Club Examiners

  • Garry Peacock, Area Chief Examiner — fixed wing / heli(A)
  • Ed Cross — fixed wing / heli(A)
  • Rodger Lapidge — fixed wing / heli(A)
  • David Plummer — fixed wing / heli(A)
  • Bill Michie — fixed wing / heli(A)
  • Graham Liddon — fixed wing / heli(A & B)

Club Instructors

Instructors teach at various times during the week according to their free hours, and may already be teaching students. To try and ensure you get instruction as soon as possible please email your contact details, availability and details of what you wish to learn to fly to membership@hdmfc.org , or call 01279 304823 in the evenings to discuss your needs. We will then put you in touch with an available instructor.”

The 2017 Instructors are

  • EUGENE ANKER – Fixed Wing
  • IAN BARKER – Fixed Wing
  • TJ BARNES – Fixed Wing & Helicopter
  • R BILLINGHAM – Fixed Wing & Helicopter
  • EDWARD CROSS – Fixed Wing
  • PAUL HEATH – Fixed Wing
  • RJ LAPIDGE – Fixed Wing & Helicopter
  • RW LEWIS – Fixed Wing
  • GJ LIDDON – Fixed Wing & Helicopter
  • MARTIN MASTERSON – Fixed Wing & Helicopter
  • VK MCCARTHY – Fixed Wing
  • GARRY PEACOCK – Fixed Wing
  • PHIL PERRYMAN – Helicopter
  • DJ PLUMMER – Fixed Wing & Helicopter
  • NV WHITE – Fixed Wing & Helicopter

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