Starting Out

If you are new to Radio Controlled flight or just thinking about starting, read our F.A.Q on taking up R.C. model flying below.

Q. Reasons for joining a club?

A. To be taught and shown how to fly R.C. models in a safe and disciplined manner.

Q. What Training is given, how and where?

A. See the list of club trainers, contact them at the club meetings, preferably to discuss this. Remember this is voluntary so patience is required on arranging times etc.

Q. Does the club have a training model to come and try before purchasing my own model and equipment?

A. Yes it does, and is equipped with a Buddy lead for dual control.

Q. Do I need insurance?

A. Yes, joining the club, which is  affiliated to the B.M.F.A. (British Model Flying Association) includes insurance as part of the club fee.

Q. What model should I purchase first?

A. Discuss this with the club trainers you have become involved with, they will offer advice as it covers a wide area, this includes size, power requirements and the necessary equipment required to service them.

Q. How long does it take to achieve club requirement of the B.M.F.A. A test certificate allowing me to fly safe?

A. This depends on the amount of training, practice, and your aptitude in learning.

Q. What happens after the A test standard is achieved?

A. Carry on flying as you never stop learning, look to see if there is a particular discipline you would like to follow e.g. scale, or practice basic aerobatics for the B.M.F.A. B test.

Q. Should I push myself hard while training?

A. Definitively not, it is a hobby after all and you should keep all aspects of model flying within your comfort zone. the time will come when you feel confident to try different manoeuvres.

Q. Could I still ask for help after achieving my A test certificate?

A. Yes. The members of H.D.M.F.C. are involved in different disciplines of model flying, and would only be too pleased to pass on help and advice.